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When you choose a green funeral, environmentally-friendly materials will be used to ensure minimal impact to the earth. If you or your loved one would prefer a green funeral in Melbourne, speak to Treasured Ceremonies Funerals and Memorials about suitable, respectful services. With our green funerals Melbourne residents can honour the wishes of their loved ones, while also benefiting the environment.

A funeral service that honours the beliefs and commitments of someone is more meaningful for doing so. Not only those making end-of-life decisions but their close family and friends can gain a measure of peace knowing that their green funeral in Melbourne respected the principles by which someone lived their life.

Affordable Green Funeral

Many aspects of a green funeral In Melbourne will, in seeking to be sustainable, often cut down on costs along with minimising their effect on the environment. In any case, Treasured Funerals and Memorials are committed to providing affordable services, so that a funeral that celebrates the life is possible without the stress of high price tags that too-often come with the funeral industry.

To honour someone’s commitments to the environment, you can find affordable green funerals with Treasured Funerals and Memorials.

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At Treasured Ceremonies we are committed to helping our clients through a very difficult time, right from the moment they contact us.


Dear Mario, Hope you are well. Paul and I just want to thank you so much for your help assisting us for mum’s funeral. I do appreciate your prompt & most of all cheaper service that I received compared to other funeral service.
I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart
Mario there are so many links between us all showing cohesion and what mum has done for us. You have done a wonderful service to us being our support and director.
A new journey
Thank you Mario. You have put all the info together and prepared a fabulous tribute and it is very much appreciated Deb
Fabulous Tribute
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