Burial Services

There are affordable, low cost funeral burial services as we appreciate not all families need or wish to pay for all the extras in an expensive full service funeral.

Please review our options below and contact us directly by email or phone on 0418 564 852 at any time to discuss your specific funeral requirements.

You have the choice of Church or Chapel

If you choose a church and you already have an affiliation we are happy to work with you and provide information and support in doing this. We have an allowance for these costs.

If you choose chapel then our fees already include a provision for the cost of this

Celebrants are available to help you conduct your ceremonies if you don’t want to do this yourselves

I can provide a celebrant at a reasonable cost or you can locate one yourselves.

A celebrant will help you and your family’s journey to the ceremony and beyond, will help with the planning and will help define the roles for family and friends at the funeral.         

I offer one simple guarantee :
I will treat your family as my own and organise a first class service that you will be proud to remember